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Students discover untold histories and family history research with a syllabus that’s challenging, comprehensive  and engaging. Teacher training, resources and online lessons are included.

students ages 10+


Inspiring participants to explore untold histories through interactive learning and discussion. Themes include family history, identity, personal legacies, and marginalized histories.

audiences of all ages

Our Mission

We’re introducing young people to their ancestors and untold histories, motivating them to achieve academic and personal success.

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A Snapshot

Students say…

Students are more curious about their family history after participating in Ancestors unKnown

Teachers say…

Teachers strongly agree their students benefited from the Ancestors unKnown curriculum

Students say…

Participating students believe their school textbooks don't include enough information about their history and culture
  • It was clearly evident that students and parents alike gleaned so much from your unique workshop that was both interactive and self-reflective. And I have to say that I was pleasantly caught off guard by the powerfully emotional  effect that exploring your family history can have.

    Maria J. MLK Library (Washington, D.C.)
  • [We were reminded] that we are a people with a past and it is very important to acknowledge and familiarize ourselves with it. Since then I have been inspired to learn more about my ancestors and create stronger bonds with my family members who are living.

    Judy C. Parent
  • When you know where you come from, you show your pride to the world.

    Michael Student
  • The workshop was awesome. The information was very helpful, you laid the foundation out well. I can move forward to building my house.

    Brenda B. Workshop participant
  • You truly inspired me to learn about my family's history. If we do not know our past we will be like a tree that has forgotten its roots. Thanks again.

    Njeri C. Workshop student (10 years old)
  • I think it's more important to find out where we came from, so we can tell our future children about our ancestors. Our next generation will know where they've come from, and pass it on. This experience is necessary and I hope the next class will benefit from this as well.

    Tamia Student
  • I love how the [Ancestors] curriculum gives my students a sense of purpose and the ability to make global connections to their learning.

    Ms. Johnson Teacher, R.B. Stall High School (N. Charleston, S.C.)
  • Learning about my ancestors is the beginning for me.

    Victoria Student

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