While schools and communities become increasingly diverse, every student’s history should be represented in education.

The benefits of learning one’s history are tremendous.

By equipping young people with knowledge of their own histories and the power to tell their own stories, we’re sparking academic and personal gains among students. This growth and achievement stems from positive identity development, improved self-confidence, and increased engagement in school.

A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.

– Marcus Garvey

Ancestors unKnown is an international organization.

Currently, we’re partnering with schools and nonprofit organizations in the United States (AU USA) and the Netherlands (AU Nederland), and we got our start in Suriname.

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Our Team

The Ancestors unKnown team includes educators, scholars, family historians, and community leaders in the U.S. and the Netherlands.

  • Benjamin Dennis, IV
    Benjamin Dennis, IV Board Member, AU USA
  • Dana Saxon
    Dana Saxon Founder and Executive Director
  • Denie Kasan
    Denie Kasan Advisory Board, AU NL
  • Du’Charm Archer
    Du’Charm Archer Director of Curriculum
  • Helen Sumter
    Helen Sumter Partner, AU Nederland
  • Laurian Bowles, PHD
    Laurian Bowles, PHD Advisory Board, AU USA
  • Natasha Boyce
    Natasha Boyce Board Member, AU USA
  • Patricia M. Glover-Howard
    Patricia M. Glover-Howard Sales Consultant, AU USA
  • Ron Lester
    Ron Lester Board Member, AU USA
  • Simone Zeefuik
    Simone Zeefuik Advisory Board, AU NL
  • Surya Nahumury
    Surya Nahumury Intern, AU Nederland
  • Wim Manuhutu
    Wim Manuhutu Advisory Board, AU NL
  • Yvette Kopijn
    Yvette Kopijn Partner, AU Nederland

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