Frequently Asked Questions

…about the curriculum

What’s in a LESSON?

Each lesson includes the following elements, including interactive activities and assignments that students access via tablets or computers:

  • Learning objectives
  • Warm-up activity
  • Key words
  • Overview/discussion
  • 1-2 in-class activities
  • 1-2 homework assignments
  • Ancestor honor
  • Reflection journal

The lessons can be taught during a 60-90 minute class period.

How do teachers and students ACCESS the lessons?

Students can access the online curriculum using any device, whether it’s a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Teachers have back-end access to the online curriculum. This means you can see your students’ responses and uploaded assignments. You’ll also assign the lessons, providing a unique link to each lesson for your students.

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How much CLASS TIME do the lessons require?

An Ancestors lesson requires about 60-90 minutes of class time, plus approximately 30 minutes for the student’s homework assignments.

How long does it take to COMPLETE all lessons?

Your students can complete your customized syllabus of the Ancestors curriculum in 4+ months. It all depends on how long you’d like them to spend on their family history research projects.

What’s the target AGE GROUP for the curriculum?

The Ancestors Curriculum is best-suited for students ages 10+.

Differentiated lessons can be customized and paced however a teacher chooses.

What’s the COST of the curriculum?

For monthly access to the Ancestors curriculum, fees start at $450 (4-month minimum).

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…in general

Where are you LOCATED?

Ancestors unKnown is based in Chicago, IL. We also have an office in The Hague, Netherlands.

You can access our curriculum no matter where you are.  It’s online!

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