Why It Matters

Why It Matters

We’re getting to the root of a problem.


We all come from somewhere, with unique histories that can be told through the lives of our ancestors. But not all of us have access to those histories. Many of our ancestors have been lost to us due to some intrusive events of history. Forced and abrupt migrations, slavery in the Americas, colonialism, and other examples have left people in all parts of the world with lost and forgotten pasts.

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By bringing marginalized histories and the students’ own ancestors to the forefront of classroom discussions, local field trips, and at-home assignments, we’re debunking the myth that history relates to only a few.

By equipping young people with knowledge of their own histories and the power to tell their own stories, we’re sparking academic and personal gains among students that can be attributed to positive identity development, improved self-confidence, and increased engagement in school.

The benefits of learning one’s history are tremendous.

Find out how we do it: The Ancestors Program

Identities are formed at the unstable point where personal lives meet the narratives of history. – Stuart Hall