And the winner is…

It’s no exaggeration when people say “fundraising isn’t easy.” They’re correct. It’s quite challenging, in fact. But as a new nonprofit organization with more expenses than income, what choice do we have? So we’ve been fundraising!

Our first fundraising campaign

In support of our (growing pricey) launch, Ancestors unKnown recently completed a crowdfunding campaign. And we turned to family, friends, colleagues, and friends of colleagues and friends to reach our $6,000 fundraising goal. Using CauseVox, we were able to collect online donations and almost reach our goal. And fortunately for us in this case, almost definitely counts. Because with the fantastic show of support we received, we’ve been able to make some great strides in the official start-up phase. We’re in business, folks!

A raffle and a winner

We’re not the only winners here. As part of our campaign, we entered all donors of $100 or more into a raffle. What we offered: a 6-month subscription and to get started, some family history research guidance from our Executive Director, Dana Saxon. We think that’s a pretty good deal.

And the winner is….

Mr. Joaquin Denis, Washington D.C.

Congratulations, Mr. Denis! We look forward to working with you. And be prepared to join the worldwide ranks of genealogy enthusiasts! (Note: Ancestors unKnown will not be responsible for any resulting research addictions.)

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