George Washington Carver: Spotted in the Archives

We spotted Carver in the archives. First in 1870, when he was still living in Missouri with Moses and Susan Carver, along with his brother, James. Later, in 1920, he was in his privileged accommodations at the Tuskegee Institute, listed alongside a number of other faculty members. By the 1930s, he was mentioned in countless newspaper articles. It’s remarkable to observe his documented progression from slavery to an esteemed and well-recognized scientist, having accomplished more than most, regardless of race.

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Increase student engagement by increasing fun

As educators, we must be careful about how we teach history. We should know what our students care about and if/how they connect with the subject. We can tell great stories, talk about famous people, show a movie or two, and connect it all to dates and maps; but if there’s no special connection made, or no fun involved, the information might not be retained.

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