Curriculum Reboot: Making Ancestors Modern

The Ancestors unKnown curriculum decided to take the summer off to get in shape. A little bit like Angela Basset getting ready to play the role of Tina Turner in What’s Love Got to Do with It, our curriculum wanted to look and feel amazing. And now it wants to show off the results.

With upgraded content and technology, the curriculum reboot responds to the needs of teachers and students worldwide who are looking for something like Ancestors unKnown.

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Have you heard or shared some of these sentiments that inspired the Ancestors unKnown reboot?

Curriculum snapshot

Young people need to learn more about their own histories

Indeed, this is one of the founding principles of Ancestors unKnown. And we hear it echoed in the news and across social media on a nearly daily basis, with folks demanding that more attention is paid to diversifying history education. With comments like, “our kids don’t know enough about where they come from” and “students don’t feel represented in their text books,” we have to fight the feelings of powerlessness to provoke change.

Why wait for someone else to fill in the gaps of history education? The Ancestors unKnown curriculum is giving life to the people and events of the past who have been written out of most history text books. This includes our students’ own ancestors.

…if only young people were more interested in family history research

Genealogy research can be more than a leisurely pastime for older generations (although it is one of our favorite hobbies). It’s also a challenging and rewarding academic exercise.

Ancestors unKnown has developed 50+ lessons that introduce students to history and genealogy, from family storytelling and archival research to problem solving and accurate documentation. They hone skills of research, writing and critical thinking, all while building stronger ties to family and strengthening their own identities.

With iPads and other technology being introduced into classrooms, we need more ways to take advantage.

Technology is mixed into pretty much everything we do nowadays, whether we like it or not. And the ways students are learning have evolved accordingly. But how can we assure our students’ technology is more education and less entertainment?

Ancestors unKnown’s curriculum is online, with teachers dispersing lesson to their students at their own pace. Students can then access and interact with the lessons using their own technology, whether it’s an iPad, a smartphone, or in the school’s computer lab (of course, old school printing also works). Whether students are studying vocabulary, watching educational videos, or uploading completed assignments, they’ll think of the Ancestors unKnown curriculum as a modern way to learn about not so modern people and events.

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