Untold Histories

Curriculum: Untold Histories

The Curriculum has two priorities. The other priority: Genealogy Research.


The Ancestors unKnown Curriculum targets the topics that are left out of most traditional history textbooks. Lessons are about the people and events of history that often relate to our students and their ancestors.

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The Untold History lessons are organized into the following themes:

  • Making Empires. Erasing Legacies.
  • Fighting for Freedom and Independence
  • Movement and Migrations
  • Multicultural Legacies

Activities enhance academic skills, including reading comprehension, writing, research and analysis. Overall, the curriculum aims to inspire and empower.


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It is as if ancient graves, hidden deep in the shadows of the psyche and the earth, are breaking open of their own accord. Unwilling to be silent any longer. Incapable of silence. -Alice Walker