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You can help Ancestors unKnown positively impact young people in your local community and worldwide.

There are several ways to get involved.

Make a Donation

Ancestors unKnown is a nonprofit organization with 501(c)3 fiscal sponsorship. We rely on tax-deductible donations and grants to expand the reach and impact of our work.

Show your support by making a donation of any size.

Become a Volunteer

Ancestors unKnown students are researching their family histories. If you have experience with genealogy research, you can help them reach their goals.

Whether you want to meet students in-person as a research mentor, or strictly help students with their research online, we could use your help.

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What does a volunteer do?

As a research volunteer, you’ll be on-call to support our students’ research projects. You’re not obligated to complete an assignment until you accept it. So you can assume as much or as little responsibility as you choose.

Here are a few example assignments for a research volunteer:

  • Online research to locate a student researcher’s ancestor


  • Recommend the next steps for a student’s genealogy research project


  • Locate and share information from archives in your local area that a student can’t otherwise access


  • If you live in the area of a partner school, you could be invited to a classroom to provide research guidance for an individual or small groups of students (background check required)

Not a researcher? No problem!

If you’re not a genealogist, but still want to support the mission of Ancestors unKnown, let us know! Here are some other projects that volunteers help us accomplish:

  • Translation (mainly English to Dutch)


  • Marketing


  • Fundraising


  • Photography/Videography

Host a Salon

Help us fundraise and raise awareness about Ancestors unKnown by hosting a small gathering in your local community.

An Ancestors unKnown Salon gives you a chance to introduce your friends, family and colleagues to our work. You’ll also incite wonderful conversations about family history, education and community engagement.

Email us for more information about hosting a salon.

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