Be a host…

Want to help raise awareness for Ancestors unKnown in your local community? Consider hosting an Ancestors unKnown Salon.

Ancestors Salon in Harlem, NY, 2015
Ancestors Salon in Harlem, NY, 2015

This Salon is a small gathering of your friends, neighbors and colleagues who you believe will get behind our mission to teach and empower young people with their untold histories. With some light snacks, a few chairs, and several choice invitations, the Salon events have the potential for powerful impact.

Whenever possible, Dana Saxon, AU’s Founder & Executive Director, will join your Salon in-person to lead a discussion about family history, education, identity development, and social impact.

These events support Ancestors unKnown’s efforts to acquire new partnerships, fundraise, and recruit volunteers.

What are some of the other benefits?

  • Inspire your friends, neighbors and colleagues to become excited about their own genealogy research
  • Inspire your network to get a younger generation excited about genealogy research and telling their own stories
  • Learn how one’s family history can be immensely and deeply personal, changing the course of a person’s life, including AU’s Founder. Discover the possible impact it can have on you.
  • Feel a strong sense of self, love, belonging, and empowerment among AU’s family of supporters
  • Develop a richer connection to your friends that’s sparked by unique and thought-provoking conversations
  • Play an important role in building Ancestors unKnown’s community in your city

Imagine if the teenagers in your community were aware of their own rich histories. Imagine if they could feel the pride and power that comes from having a strong personal identity. Imagine they could draw upon that strength and knowledge to make choices that resulted in more positive outcomes. Now imagine playing a significant role in making these outcomes possible.

If you’d like to host an Ancestors unKnown Salon in your city, email Dana Saxon.