In case you missed it: We’re making news

Have you noticed Ancestors unKnown’s recent mentions on some really popular online sites?

Our young program is attracting positive attention. And we’re thrilled to receive such enthusiastic responses. Many thanks to the media-makers who have shown incredible support for our work, spreading the word to your equally supportive audiences. What a boost this has been for our mission!

Click the links to learn more about the founder of Ancestors unKnown, our program, and plans for the (near) future.

Fast Company: Why Researching Our Ancestors Has the Power to Change Lives
Hack Genealogy: Bringing the Power of Genealogy to Today’s Youth
African Roots Podcast: Episode #251 (we’re in the blog and discussed in the podcast around the 3:00 mark!)

And please continue to spread the word about Ancestors unKnown!

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