Reaching schools in Chicago

Several months ago Ancestors unKnown began an exciting collaboration with Communities in Schools of Chicago (CIS Chicago). As a result, we’re gaining access to elementary and secondary schools in Chicago that are now introducing students to untold histories using the AU Curriculum.

Perspectives Math & Science Academy
Perspectives Math & Science Academy

Here’s how CIS Chicago describes their work:

Many Chicago public school children need help. More than 85 percent of Chicago public school students come from low-income homes and most live in underserved communities. Many lack access to the social, emotional, health and enrichment supports that are critical to academic success.  …[CIS Chicago] addresses the gap between students’ needs and schools’ ability to respond to these needs. We connect students with free social, emotional, health and enrichment programs and provide schools and the community organizations providing services with strategic and tactical expertise in effective program coordination.

What a wonderful opportunity to partner with an organization that already has its finger on the pulse of a community we care deeply about. And our school partnership numbers have been rising as a result!

In addition to schools in Charleston, Philadelphia and The Netherlands, we’ve added 4 Chicago public schools (and still counting) to our list of partners who are challenging the norms of history education, student identity development, and family history knowledge. And that’s the whole point.

But still, we could use your help to reach more schools in Chicago and other cities. Our potential to reach more students is limited only by our access to funding. With additional funds, we’ll continue to reach more students and enhance the program. Because again – that’s the whole point!

Donate today to provide more young people with the knowledge, resources, and empowerment they need to uncover and proudly share their untold histories.

Because it’s never too late for all of us to rewrite history.


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