AU students tell their identity stories

Students at R.B. Stall High School have been sharing some of the incredible work they’re doing with the Ancestors unKnown Curriculum.

Avis Johnson, Essentials of English teacher, has been teaching lessons from Untold Histories – The First AmericansIn Lesson 1: Names, students explored concepts of identity and self-understanding.

students work - identity2

The “Self-Identity Collage” assignment asked students to “create a collage of pictures, words, objects, quotations, art, and anything else that reflects how you see yourself and how you self-identify.” The goal of this activity is for students to reflect on what makes them unique, the possibilities of shared identities, and the confidence that comes from knowing and taking pride in who you are.

In response, students gave some critical though to their identity stories. And they turned them into such thoughtful, creative, and fun collages, which are now hanging in Ms. Johnson’s classroom.

Check out some samples of their work:

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