The Ancestors Program

Honoring the past. Inspiring the future.

The complete Ancestors Program has THREE CORE COMPONENTS:

Curriculum (can also be purchased separately) + Local Engagement + Online Community

How do they work together?


High schools and nonprofit organizations partner with Ancestors unKnown to introduce their students to our groundbreaking program of personalized history education. Our partners receive access to a customized curriculum that spans topics of local and global history. While students learn lessons about commonly marginalized histories, they are guided to research and reflect on their own family histories.

Local Engagement

To accelerate student learning, engagement and research, we coordinate guest lectures and local field trips to sites with historical and/or research significance.  A wealth of knowledge surrounds all of us in our everyday lives, among our neighbors and in the history of our communities. Therefore, we take every possible opportunity to bring experts into the classrooms and get students out of them.

Online Community

We want students to experience the rewards and challenges of genealogy research. However, we don’t want them to do it alone. Therefore, we provide young researchers with the support of an online community, including staff and volunteers who fulfill research requests and answer related questions. Across all partner locations, teachers, students and volunteers can use the online community to share reflections on curriculum topics and exchange research resources.

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When you know where you come from, you show your pride to the world. – Michael, AU student