Looking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Curious to know what we have planned for the future? The core program of Ancestors unKnown will grow to cities in all parts of the world. And we’ll be connecting international communities around shared histories and family history research for years to come.

As our capacity grows, Ancestors unKnown will implement additional programs that will challenge and reward our student participants. Here’s a sample:

Ancestors Abroad

Select students will have an opportunity to travel abroad to a location with historical and ancestral significance. Ancestors Abroad will be an extension of the core program, expanding upon the participants’ history lessons and family history research projects.

Ancestors unKnown students will see themselves as international researchers and global citizens.

Ancestors Hiring

Students who have successfully completed the core program, regardless of location, will be eligible to apply for part-time employment with Ancestors unKnown. Job opportunities will range from archival digitization projects to assisting with genealogy research  for private clients.

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. -Malcolm X

Stay tuned for more details on our expansion plans for the future. And in the meantime, contact us for more information.