We Introduce You to Ancestors unKnown

Ancestors unKnown provides tools for students, teachers and families to rethink the past.

Get online access to the Ancestors Curriculum, teacher training (including video tutorials), research resources, and an international online community. Or, we can lead a workshop to introduce you and your students to family history research and other untold histories.


Untold histories, genealogy research,

local engagement and an online community


Interactive workshops about history, family, and identity

In-person and online

  • Syllabus
  • Workshop
  • Local engagement
  • Online community
  • Additional resources
  • Training
  • Participants
  • Time allotted
  • Discounts
  • Participant rating
    • Online Workshop (recorded live)
    • Up to 20 participants
    • 60-90 minutes
    • 10% discount if purchased w/ curriculum
    • In-person Workshop
    • Online Community for participants
    • Up to 50 participants
    • 60-90 minutes
    • 10% discount if purchased w/ curriculum
    $450 Monthly*
    • Complete Syllabus (online)
    • Guest lecture/field trip**
    • Online Community for participants
    • Research Resources & Support
    • Teacher Training (video modules)
    • Up to 100 students, 2 teachers
    • 4+ months (wkly lesson, avg)
    • Multiple schools? Ask us for a discount!

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