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We use interactive workshops to bring people to our world of untold histories and family history research. Groups learn how to start their family history research, discuss strategies for research and problem-solving, and many have explored new ways to interpret our unique histories using storytelling and creative writing.


Workshop fees start at $150. See pricing information below for more details.


Workshops are available in-person and online. Can we reach your location? Contact us to find out.


Workshops last 60-90 minutes. Extended sessions and full-day workshop events are also available.


Workshops can be tailored for all ages. They’re best-suited for ages 10 and older. Every generation is encouraged to join these conversations!

Popular Topics

What is Genealogy?

Why does it matter that we remember the past and learn about our ancestors? What questions should we ask about the past? And how do we begin the research process? In this workshop, participants learn the basics of genealogy research, while reflecting on the connections we have between the past and present.

Creative Storytelling

It’s rare that we know every detail about our ancestors. Using research skills and plenty of creativity, this workshop asks participants to tell an ancestor’s story – or to imagine the world through the eyes of their future descendants.

Untold Histories

We lead discussions and interactive activities about a range of the world’s untold histories. Contact us for more information.

  • It was clearly evident that students and parents alike gleaned so much from your unique workshop that was both interactive and self-reflective. And I have to say that I was pleasantly caught off guard by the powerfully emotional  effect that exploring your family history can have.

    Maria J. MLK Library (Washington, D.C.)
  • [We were reminded] that we are a people with a past and it is very important to acknowledge and familiarize ourselves with it. Since then I have been inspired to learn more about my ancestors and create stronger bonds with my family members who are living.

    Judy C. Parent
  • You truly inspired me to learn about my family's history. If we do not know our past we will be like a tree that has forgotten its roots. Thanks again.

    Njeri C. Workshop student (10 years old)
  • The workshop was awesome. The information was very helpful, you laid the foundation out well. I can move forward to building my house.

    Brenda B. Workshop participant

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